New father comes home to a family reunion 10 years in the making!

Friends can come and go, but family is the one who’s going to be by your side in the long run. I know it sounds like a line from The Godfather, but the truth is that family is extremely important.
Still, it’s not uncommon for family members to lose touch or only see each other once or twice a year during holydays or special events. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you only get to see your family from time to time. That’s just life I guess.
Jeffrey Mayi hasn’t seen his family for quite some time. Like many people do, he moved to a different city where he lives with his wife and new baby. In fact, he moved to a different country which makes going back home very costly. He now lives in Boston and he rarely goes back to his hometown in South Africa.
Jeffrey hasn’t seen his brother in over four years, so when he found out that he is going to visit him in Boston, he was over the moon happy. But the real surprise was his mom showing up. Jeffrey hasn’t seen his mom in over a decade, so the reunion was bound to be extremely emotional.
Take a look:

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