Student Surprises Family after Losing 45 Pounds While Away at College

Going away for college is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming experience, especially if you have to leave you family and move across the world to do so. The first years are especially hard, and many people gain weight because they eat a lot more junk food. All that stress can lead to binge eating. Slowly, the pounds start to add up.
However, there are some exceptions to the rule. The student in the video below actually lost a lot of weight (about 45 pounds) during the three years he spent away at a college in London. The young man is from a small city in Indonesia and wasn’t able to go home once during all the three years he was at college.
He hasn’t seen his parents and brothers in person since he went away, so they have no idea that his appearance changed dramatically. So he decided to surprise his family by coming home unexpectedly. He wanted to see if his family could still recognize him, so he decided to sit down in a restaurant where he knew his parents will be at and act like a total stranger.
Here’s what happened when his family walked in and saw him sitting at a table next to them.

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