This baby gets a new toy. But by 0:09, the mother nearly drops the camera from laughing so much!

What’s your favorite sound in the world? Birds chirping are nice, but I personally enjoy the sound of beer pouring in a glass. But there’s nothing more enjoyable than the sound of a baby laughing. There just something about it that makes it simply irresistible.
No matter how bad your day is going, hearing a baby laugh will instantly elevate your mood and help you gain a more positive outlook on life. If that’s something you need right now, you’re in luck. The video below shows a baby who can’t stop laughing while playing with his new toy, and it’s enough to put a giant smile on your face to last you an entire day.
For some reason, the baby finds the toy to be hilarious and every move his dad makes seems like the funniest thing ever to him. There’s no way of knowing the reason why the baby is laughing so hard, but it sure makes the baby’s parents happy. You can hear the baby’s mom laughing hysterically in the background as well.
There’s no way you can be sad watching these images. So, any time you feel low, just watch this clip and you’ll recharge!

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