Pouting pooch protests bath time in the most hilarious way—TOO CUTE

For many dogs out there, bath time is synonym to torture. For some reason, a lot of dogs just don’t like water. Dogs are not naturally good swimmers, so maybe that’s one of the reasons they hate getting a bath.
However, baths are necessary. But that doesn’t make them any more enjoyable. This is why many dogs would go to extreme lengths and do whatever it takes to delay getting a bath.
Let’s take the pooch in the video below as an example. It’s pretty obvious that he dreads taking baths. As soon as he hears the world bath, it turns into a block of stone and just refuses to move.
Despite his owner’s best efforts to take him in the bathroom, the pouting pooch protests with all his strengths making it pretty obvious that he has no desire to set paw in that bathroom. In fact, he refuses to go anywhere near the bathroom.
The video ends before we get a chance to find out who won the “battle”, but the dogs sure put on a good fight.
If you have a dog that doesn’t like taking a bath, these images will look hilariously familiar.

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