A Black Man Walks Towards A Group Of Cops On The Street. Now Listen To What He Says

It’s impossible not to be affected by everything going on in the world right now. All the disturbing news about cops killing black civilians and black civilians shooting cops can make us think the world today is broken beyond repair and that nothing can be done so that we can all live in unity, acknowledging the fact that we are all different but seeing pass that.
The causes for all this disunion that we see going on in the world are complicated, numerous and extremely complex. Still, the man in the video below asks one simple question, and that is “What are we killing each other?” It’s a seemingly simply question, so why does the answered need to be so complicated?
The truth is that nothing can justify people killing each other. “You can’t fight fire with fire. The way we’re going to find peace, is you spread love, that love gets responded,” says the man. He thinks that the only solution to improve how things are in the world right now is to spread a kind message and promote positivity.
At the end of the day, we decided how to see the world and what kind of energy we want to put out there in the world. So, why aren’t we making better decisions?

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