Most People Burn Their Candles Wrong – Former Yankee Candle Employee Reveals Little-Known Trick

If you ask me, candles are one of the most underrated items when it comes to home decor. They are good for more than just providing light during a storm when the lights go out. They can help create a relaxing and cozy mood throughout your home.
But one of the main issues people have with candles is the fact that they sometimes burn really fast and they constantly have to replace them with new ones.
One trick you can use so that your candles will burn all the way through and thus last longer is to only burn candles when you can do it properly. Blowing out a candles before it had the time to burn properly can lead to the middle area burning down deeper than the surrounding spaces. You don’t want that to happen.
Another great thing about candles that come in a glass container is that you can then reuse that container to beautifully store and organize items throughout your home. You can use them to keep make-up brushes, lipstick pencils and all kinds of miscellaneous things you need within reach.
Here’s how you clean a candle jar fast and easy:

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