Pentatonix Begins Singing in an Empty Church. Their Song Is Covering Everyone in Chills

Pentatonix has come to master the art of Christmas songs. They are dropping one song after the other, and every single one of their videos and live performances go viral almost instantly. And this one makes no exception.
Shot in an empty church, the song will instantly give you goosebumps.
By now, it’s no secret that all of Pentatonix’s members have exceptional voices, but what makes them truly stand out as a group is the fact that they always sound fresh. They are constantly reinventing themselves to bring something new to the table, while keeping that familiar, branded style that we all know and love.
That applies to their rendition captured in the clip you are just about to watch as well. Written in 1839, “Joy to The World” is the most published Christmas song of all time. There must have been thousands of renditions of the song in different language, but somehow Pentatonix managed to make it sound different by putting some of their unique style into their performance.
The result is magical – so I won’t be surprised if you’ll want to share this as soon as possible. It’s definitely the kind of song everybody enjoys listening to during this time of year.

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