Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback

Moms tell their babies how much they love them all the time, but they don’t expect them to answer back, at least not in the first 12 to 20 months of their lives.
It’s why the mom in the video below couldn’t believe her ears when she heard her adorable baby girl saying “I love you” back to her. Luckily, the entire moment was caught on video, and it’s definitely a memory mom is going to hold on to and cherish for the rest of her life.
Most children only begin forming words after the age of one. Until then, it’s mostly just random sounds and gibberish. The first words that babies pronounce are usually names of everyday objects or activities that the baby has overheard parents say often around the house.
Nouns are the ones that usually come first, because they are easy to pronounce. But, again, this typically happens past the age of one. This is what makes this clip so special. The baby is only a few months old, but in this video, it really sounds like she is able to say “I love you.”
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