Firefighters Emerge from The Forest, Haunting Words They Sing Go Viral

Samoan Hotshots, or forest firefighters, are used to marching through the forest, sometimes for hours in a row. That’s part of their job and they are truly dedicated to it. But, as you can imagine it’s not an easy.
Marching requires a high level of stamina and energy, which usually come in short supply after a hard day’s work. But the Samoan crew in the video below have a great way to lift up their enthusiasm so that they can keep going and get back home as fast as possible.
What is their secret? Well, they sing. They all have a common passion for music, and, coincidence or not, they are all pretty good singers. So this came naturally to them.
Someone managed to take a video of them singing as they were marching down a mountain and the clip has got plenty of love and attention online.
And in case you are wondering what’s the name of the song they are proudly singing to, we don’t know for sure. But some people who have commented on the clip say the song sounds a lot like “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”
Does this song sound familiar to you?

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