Hungry beagle is home alone and knows chicken is in the oven

You know how it is. You come after a long day at work, and you go straight for the fridge. If you’re lucky, there’s something in there that doesn’t require hours of cooking. But what if there was something delicious in the oven just waiting to be devoured? You’d eat it, right? Well, that’s what the dog in the video below thought also.
The only problem is that he wasn’t allowed to. But you can’t think straight when you’re hungry, right? Smelling the yummy chicken nuggets that were just sitting in the micro wave oven, the dog knew he had to have some. However, the microwave oven was all the way up on the counter, and as you know, Beagles have short legs.
Now comes the part that will totally blow you away. The smart pup not only managed to get up on the kitchen counter, but he actually succeeded to get his paws on the delicious treat. You won’t believe how he did it.
His strategy was so smart that not even his owners could get mad at him for eating their food after seeing this footage. In all fairness, he definitely deserved a treat for doing this!

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