He’s filming the landscape but when THIS happens, he starts to run — CRAZY

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nature is awesome. It’s both beautiful and mysterious, both soothing and dangerous. It can help people thrive, or on the contrary, it can contribute to their death. All in all, nature is not something you’ll want to mess with.
Still, many of us seem to take nature for granted, and not acknowledge that what nature gives, nature can also take away.
The video below is just one more proof of nature’s greatness and power. The clip shows a massive landslide that occurred right next to a major public road. Everything was caught on video by a worker who was assigned to take care of cleaning debris on the highway. The worker managed to get almost the entire landslide. I say almost because at one point it became too dangerous for him to keep recording the landslide.
Still, what he did managed to record is enough to help you get an idea of how it must feel to be so close to a landslide.
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