Her parents hear this toddler’s prayer and I couldn’t help but smile

Baby monitors are extremely useful for parents who like having some privacy and who decide to put the baby’s crib in a different room than their own. The monitors let parents know there’s nothing bad going on in the baby’s room and that the child is perfectly safe.
And every once in a while, this technology also leads to some surprising images being captured on video.
The parents of the baby in the video below heard noise coming from the baby’s room, so they decided to turn on her baby monitor to see what’s going on. The parents couldn’t believe it when they’ve heard their beautiful baby girl praying in her bed at night.
Fortunately, the parents were well-inspired and after taking a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful moment as a family, they made sure to also take a video of their baby girl praying.
The parents made a habit out of saying a prayer with their baby every single night, and as it turns out, it made an impression on her, as she can remember most of the words.
You need to see this! The images are just too cute for words. Check it out:

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