Here’s Why Mosquitos Bite You More – and How to Repel Them Naturally

There are a million different reasons why so many people get excited about summer. Vacation, getting to spend more time outdoor doing fun activities with your friends and family, cocktails by the pool, road trips, warm weather – these are just some of the reasons we love summer.
However, there are some downsides as well. Summer is the season when mosquitos and their annoying buzz are pretty much everywhere! But believe it or not, mosquitos actually have their preferences when it comes to the people they want to bite.
In fact, only one out of five people is a target. If mosquitos seem to always go after you when you’re in a large group of people, it may be because your body doesn’t naturally produce anti-mosquito mojo.
According to a group of scientists from the UK, there is a special group of people who emit some type of cloaking scent, masking the chemicals which typically attract mosquitoes looking for their next victim.
Now, even if you’re among these people who naturally draw mosquitos towards them, you shouldn’t despair! There are many different natural ways to keep mosquitos at a distance. For instance, did you know that catnip is up to ten times more effective against mosquitos compared to specialized products that are meant to keep you away from mosquitos?
Watch the video below to find out more natural ways to keep mosquitos away this summer. Make sure to pass on the information to others who might stand to benefit from it as well.

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