Grandpa is about to pass, so he makes family the perfect gift for them to remember him

Losing a family member is never easy. Having something personal to remember you off the person you’ve lost can serve as a comfort during those difficult times. Knowing how hard it will be for his family when the inevitable will happen and he will pass away, one grandpa decided to do something in advance of his death to help his loved-ones cope with his death and make the entire process less difficult.
To do so, the man decided to sew a memory cushion out of an old shirt that he loved to wear. On it, the man then sewed a heartwarming message to let his family know that although he can’t physically be together, he will always watch them from Heaven.
Here’s what the message reads: “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it know I am there. Love, grandpa.” This pillow will surely serve as a constant reminder of just how much grandpa thought about his family and how much he loved them.
Even though nothing can compensate for the loss, this precious gift is something that will always stay with his family and remind them of all the beautiful moments they’ve shared.
If you’d like to learn how to make a memory cushion, watch the video below:

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