Fantastic creature at a Zoo in Pakistan! Half fox, half-human!

Together with elephants and deer, in a pen that looks more like an altar stands Mumtaz Begum. This creature from the Pakistani culture, with a fox body and female face strikes both children and adults who come to the zoo in Karachi. A fantastic animal from Pakistani mythology is present in a zoo in Karachi. 12 hours a day a man embodies a creature half-human, half fox. A man sits into a cage to please the visitors. It’s a family tradition, because this was his father’s role, 16 years ago. Before he reached the zoo, Mumtaz was traveling with a circus. Mumtaz is said to have the gift of predicting the future, so that those who come over, ask him questions about their own fate. A visit costs just 10 rupees, the equivalent of 10 cents.

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