The dog’s ball falls in the pool. What he does to get it back will have you cracking up!

One of the best ways to cool off during the summer is to take a bath in the swimming pool. For that reason, many people decide to have their own swimming pools just so they can be able to take a dip whenever they feel like it.
But the reason this dog jumped into its owners’ swimming pool is not to cool off. In fact, the canine barely touched the water. The pup named Abby actually got in the water to retrieve her ball, which is also her favorite toy ever. But the way she managed to get her ball all by herself is what made this video go viral.
The dog has somehow managed to teach herself how to surfboard to get her bellowed ball. Abby intelligently used a board that was floating on the water to get to her ball and bring it back to dry land.
Seeing this video, it’s pretty obvious that Abby is one of the smartest dogs out there.
You’ve probably seen a bunch of dogs doing a lot tricks, but I bet you’ve never seen a dog do this trick before.
As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the share!

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