People Who Are Bad at Parking Get Exactly What They Deserved

If you have a car, then you’re most likely familiar with people who park like they own every street in the city and take up way more space than they actually need, thus blocking an additional parking place. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I hate to be the one to tell that you might be one of those people who park like jerks.
Now, bad parking exists all over this world. But so do people who fight against it by coming up with all sorts of gimmicks and revenge systems to make sure people who break parking etiquette get what they deserve.
And, judging by the images below, creativity is definitely not something they lack.
From mean post-its left on cars to passive aggressive notes which were drafted beforehand, there’s nothing the people fighting against bad parking haven’t thought of. If you are not willing to abide to the unwritten laws of parking, chances are one of these people will find you and most likely vandalize your car.
Not sure what you can expect?
Well, here are some examples that will help you make an idea. If you don’t want to find your cat zip tied up to a shopping cart the next time you go for groceries at the mall, it may be best to park like a civilized human being.
That means acknowledging there are other drivers in this world who might stand to use that extra parking space you’ve taken up. Also, remember that these people whose purpose is to protect those who abide the unwritten laws of parking will go to extreme lengths to ensure justice is made.

All of this could have been easily avoid. But what’s the fun in that, right?










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