Disrespectful Students Push Motivational Speaker Over the Edge, His Response Left the Entire Audience Silent

Eric Thomas, also known as “ET,” is pretty well known for his abilities as a speaker, author and pastor. The 51-year-old PhD is now a respected member of the community, an industry leader even. Therefore, he gets plenty of requests to speak to professional sports teams, CEOs, corporations, and so on.
However, as he often admits in his lectures and speeches, he had to overcome plenty of roadblocks and difficulties along the way.
Life wasn’t always easy for this renowned speaker, and he had to work hard for everything he has managed to achieve in his career. Through strength and determination, he managed to make a name for himself and inspire others in the process.
And even now, there are people who question his abilities and don’t show him the respect he deserves. It happened during an event for students ET agreed to be a part of for free. During his speech, one of the students wasn’t paying attention and was talking out load, disrupting the event and ET’s speech.
The man’s response was the perfect way to teach that student an important lesson. “I’ll be darned if I come here for free and you disrespect me.” That’s how his tangent started.
To hear the rest of it, hit play.

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