He never knew a loving touch. Watch the moment he learns what it is to be loved.

When Benji was rescued, he didn’t even look like a dog anymore. He was dirty and covered in flees. He also had several health problems because he was homeless his entire life.
But Benji also had severe emotional issues. Having went for so long without experiencing any kind of affection, the dog was scared and unwilling to trust humans or even socialize with other dogs. His rescuers knew that if Benji can’t manage to trust people, it will be impossible for him to be adopted and feel what it is to be loved.
The physical wounds are always easier to heal than the emotional ones, but Benji managed to push through his pain. Now, he is an entirely different dog and finally lives the kind of life every dog deserves.
If you are a dog lover, then the first part of this video is probably going to be pretty hard to watch. But it’s important that we share these kind of videos more often so that people are aware of the abuse and neglect some dogs unfortunately go through.
We can and we should do more to help these dogs find a loving family and a forever home.

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