Dad Opens Giant Christmas Present, But Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Sees Daughter Inside

We often take our families for granted. As we gather and reunite for the holidays, we forget that some individuals don’t have loved ones to greet this season.

Even a single absence can be enough to make many realize just how lucky they are to have people to love, regardless of the family squabbles and arguments that may happen around the dinner table.

“For various reasons, my Dad and I didn’t have the opportunity to have Christmas together for 25 years. We’ve seen each other a few times per year, but living on opposite sides of the country from each other, I haven’t been able to spend Christmas with him since I was four years old. I thought this would be a good way to make up for that. He thought I was back in my city on Christmas Eve. I even texted him a picture of “the view” from my apartment that day (it was outdated…luckily he didn’t notice the snow missing from the mountains in the distance.) He had NO idea….

My Uncle is the one explaining that this special gift is for my Dad as a combination Christmas and 60th birthday present. My Uncle is a two-time cancer survivor and during his second fight for his life, a few years ago, he lost a great deal of his voice due to the radiation, so you’ll need to listen carefully to understand what he is saying. Very special that he was able to be part of this moment. Since this time, he has undergone a tracheotomy to help him breath better, so this is one of the last videos we have of his voice. My Uncle is my hero.

For those of you wondering, I was in the box for what seemed like eternity, but was really about twenty minutes. My uncle, being the sweet man that he is, was very concerned I wouldn’t have enough air in there. so kept slightly lifting the back of the box with his toe to let air in while we were waiting for my Dad to arrive.

Sorry for the crappy vertical recording. My cousin was excited and forgot to turn the phone.
Enjoy :)” said Terra Casey

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