Cowboy Grabs Ahold Of Woman On Ice. Their Daring Next Move Has Everyone On Their Feet

They say talent runs in the family, and it certainly seems to apply in the case of professional ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr. The two siblings are two of the most incredible ice skaters in the world, and you will see why once you take a look at their performance captured in the video below.
The performance is from a professional competition from a few years back, but it’s as impressive today as it was back then. You see, what made their routine stand out from the rest was the fact that they were not afraid to take chances, be different and try something outside the box.
Let’s start with the outfits. Unlike other contestants in the competition, the two were dressed far more casual and wore cowboy-inspire outfits. You don’t see many of those on the ice. Another thing that was different from the rest was their choice of music. As you may have guessed from their outfits, the choreography was set to a famous country song.
But the icing on the cake was, of course, their moves. But those are better seen than explained, so go ahead and take a look yourself. This is awesome and totally unexpected!

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