Close your eyes and listen to them snap their fingers. It’s a unique spin on a classic rock song

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the noise of fingers snapping? Well, there are a lot of stuff that can pop to mind, but I bet that music isn’t one of them. Still, the talented men and women in the video below prove that beautiful music can be made simply by snapping your fingers.
These unlikely performers are a part of a group called The Angel City Chorale. They are a non-profit community choir based in Los Angeles, California, and proof that art can be born out of virtually anything, as long as there’s a lot of hard work and creativity involved in the process.
The Angel City Chorale has the noble purpose of gathering donations and volunteers that can help the community move forwards. Through entertainment and music, they hope to make a difference in their community and show that there’s always a way to support someone in need. It’s only a matter of making a real commitment and being passionate about what you do.
In the video below, the choir led by artistic director Sue Fink, performs a wonderful rendition of a 1980s rock song, “Africa.” The song was originally released by the American rock band Toto, but they managed to make it sound new again thanks to their unique interpretation of the melody.
The best way to listen to this is with your eyes closed. So hit play, sit somewhere comfortable with your eyes shut, and let music take you on a journey! If you enjoyed that feeling of deep relaxation, you’ll do the right thing and share this with all of your friends and family online.

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