Jimmy asks Celine to impersonate Michael Jackson, has to stop the show when she starts to dance

Celine Dion is without a question one of the most loved and most famous singers in the world. She has millions of fans from across the world who appreciate her for her immense talent and one-of-a kind singing voice.
But that is not the only reason so many people love her. You see, in addition to her great voice, Celine Dion also has a kind heart and an amazing personality. Despite her tremendous success and fame, she has always been able to remain down to Earth and not let success get to her head…
She just seems like the kind of person who makes it really easy to be around her. She’s a lot of fun and also has an incredible sense of humor.
She never seems to take herself too serious, and is willing to goof around and get outside her comfort zone to make others laugh or feel entertained. As you can see, Celine Dion has many amazing qualities, qualities that were more than obvious during an appearance she made at Jimmy Fallon show.
Then, Fallon challenges her to play a game called “Wheel of Musical Impression,” and the result will definitely put a smile on your face.

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