A dog and cheetah meet as babies and now are best friends. This is true love

The animal word is full of unlikely friendships, and this makes no exception. It’s like nature is asking to be turned into a Disney movie sometimes!
Raina, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Ruuxa, the cheetah, first met when they were just babies at the San Diego Zoo. The cheetah had been abandoned by her mom and was feeling pretty depressed. And although zookeepers did everything in their power to make her feel safe and comfortable, Ruuxa’s condition just didn’t seem to improve much.
That all changed when she met Raina, a puppy at the zoo. The two immediately hit it off and became best friends soon after. Because they were getting along so well, zookeepers decided to make an exception and allow the two to live together.
Today, the two are still together, and their relationship is more impressive than ever. They are still best friends, and not a day goes by without them playing together or cuddling together.
Thanks to the dog and the fact that its body language communicates to the cheetah that there’s nothing to be afraid of, Ruuxa now also feels more comfortable being in public surroundings.
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