Boy is put under for surgery, wakes up to discover doctors made a change without parents knowing

Nobody likes being in the hospital, and to a lot of people, especially children, it’s a scary place. But luckily, there are extraordinary doctors like the ones in the video below who really go that extra mile to make sure patients feel as comfortable and as safe as possible for the given circumstances.
Surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin not only treat their children patients, but they apply the same treatment to their stuffed animals as well to make them feel less alone. So when kids come in for surgery at this hospital, their toys also get “fixed.”
Recently, 9-year-old Ryan went for his eighth surgery. He brought his favorite stuffed toy with him to keep him company. The surgeon, Dr. Travis Groth, saw the toy needed some fixing too. So he performed a ‘surgery’ to stitch up the toy’s loose threads and keep the stuffing in.
When Ryan woke up from the surgery, he saw his favorite toy had also been through a similar experience, which helped a lot, according to his parents.
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