San Francisco man rescues rare butterfly species in his own backyard

Tim Wong has had a passion for butterflies ever since he was in middle school. He was fascinating by their fragility and beautiful wing that had the most beautiful colors he had ever seen. His interest for these tiny insects didn’t fade as he grew older.
In fact, it only grew strong, and Tim started to spend more and more time studying and and raising other butterfly species in the fields near his home. Soon, what started as passion turned into a mission.
Seeing that the gorgeous California Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly, which is native to San Francisco, is on the decline, Tim decided to take matters into his own hands and do something to rescue this rare butterfly species.
Believe it or not, Wong started building a butterfly home right in his own backyard to ensure his favorite insects are not just going to disappear from the areas near his home. The man managed to catch over twenty butterflies and created an environment for them where they would feel right at home.
With the help of the San Francisco Botanical Garden, he managed to get some California pipevine plants, the only plant the butterflies are able to feed on, so the endangered insects are thriving in the enclosure Tim build for them!
His work is such an inspiration, right?

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