Beautiful moving bridge is an architectural wonder

You don’t have to have a degree in architecture to be able to understand that the bridge in the video below is an innovation when it comes to constructions.
The bridge is located in Hull, England and what’s most impressive about it is the way that it swings to open and let the regular barges and other boats go through. This swinging bridge was inaugurated a couple of years back.
Want to hear the best part? You can actually stand on the bridge while it moves! The Scale Lane Bridge is the only bridge in the UK which you can stand on while it swings.
People who have the chance to experiment this unique experience will definitely be impressed by the beautiful landscape as well as the peaceful birdsong which gives way to a rhythmic sequence of ship bells chiming whilst it’s swinging.
The bridge’s artwork and sound installation is meant to recognize the city’s maritime history and its theme is ‘From Mizzenmast to Sandstroke’.
If you ever get a chance to visit this city in England, make sure to check out this awesome bridge as well. For now, though, this images will have to do.

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