Baby Sister Is Sick and Can’t Sleep. Mom’s Captured Footage Of Brother’s “Rescue” Goes Viral

Whenever there is a new baby coming into the family, most parents out there are concerned of the fact that their other children may not accept the baby right away, and it’s not without reason. The truth is that older brothers and sisters will often get jealous of the attention their younger sibling is receiving.
However, that is definitely not the case of the family in the video below. This brother loves taking care of his baby sister who was born with dwarfism. Life is not always easy for kids who are born with special needs, but with the support of her parents and caring little brother, there’s nothing stopping this baby girl from reaching her full potential and living her best life.
The clip below shows the baby girl and her big brother at the hospital. Their parents suspected that the girl might have the flu and the boy insisted to go with them so that she could keep a close eye on her and comfort her when needed. And the boy noticed his baby sister was having trouble falling asleep, he gently took her in his arms and rocked her so that she could get some rest.
Have you seen anything more adorable than this?

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