Man Discovers Lost Underground City When Renovating Home

Renovating your home is bound to come with a surprise or two, but what the man in the video below discovered was hiding underneath his house takes things to a whole new level. Believe it or not, the man discovered an entire underground city, and there are images to prove it.
The incredible discovery was made in 1963, but somehow we’re only now hearing about it. Apparently, the man from Turkey who discovered everything decided to knock down a wall of his home as part of a remodeling project.
The man was shocked to discover a hidden room behind that wall, but nothing could prepare him for what happened next. The hallway led to a cave-like room which led to more hallways and rooms, and soon the man realized there was an entire city underneath his home.
The city was entirely empty and looked like it had been abandoned for decades. However, it had every amenity you would need to sustain a society. Want to know more about this mysterious city the man just happened to stumble upon?
Well, if you’re curious to find out its origins, then all you have to do is hit play. This is fascinating!

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