40 Men Form a Square. A very complicated routine makes everyone stare

We’ve all seen those synchronized swimming routines where swimmers seem to defy the laws of physics with their incredible moves and abilities. But how about synchronized walking? Believe it or not, that’s actually a thing, and it’s downright impressive.
Now, you may have already seen people walking in a synchronized manner at military festivities and national celebrations, but have you ever seen a performance of this kind in a show-like context?
If not, then this is your chance. The young men in the video below are from Japan where apparently synchronized walking is actually a big trend. The dedicated young men have spent no less than nine whole months preparing this moment and ensuring that their performance will be flawless.
And if you have a couple of minutes to enjoy this clip, you’ll see that they managed to flawlessly execute the choreography. The men were in perfect sync with one another and the attention to detail that went into this performance is downright impressive.
I can only imagine how many hundreds of hours of practice and hard work went into preparing for a moment like this. But I think you’ll agree that the result was well worth the effort.

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