Daughter’s Forced to Break Up with Fiancé. Decades Later, Finds News Clipping Mom Kept Hidden

Anyone who’s ever been in a long-distance relationship knows how difficult it is. And whether we like to admit or not, most relationship of this kind don’t usually last. But it’s equally true that love has the power to overcome any obstacles.
There’s this quote I like that goes something like this: True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes. It’s a beautiful quote and it’s also the perfect way to describe the movie-like love story presented in the video below.
Janice first laid eyes on Prentiss Willson in the 1960s while she was a sophomore in college. There was an immediate attraction, and it wasn’t long until they decided to get engaged. But as it sometimes happens, Janice’s father strongly disapproved of their relationship. What’s more, the man forbidden Janice for ever seeing Prentiss again.
For more than five decades, Janice and Prentiss each lived their own separate life. But they never forget about one another. And fifty years after they first fell in love with each other, the Universe brought them two together again. And they realized their feelings for one another didn’t fade.
If you like a good love story, this is the clip for you. Take a look:

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