Woman Coats Steak with Baking Soda, This Is the Next Cooking Tip I Can’t Wait to Try

It seems like nowadays there is a kitchen gadget for pretty much anything you can think off, but sometimes, the most effective solutions are also the most basic and inexpensive ones. By watching the video below, you will learn five great ways to use baking soda in the kitchen to save both time and money.
Baking soda is a kitchen staple, but many of us mainly use it for baking purposes, right? Well, there us a lot more you can do using baking soda. Among the interesting uses for this common household product mentioned in the video below is one that will come in handy if you have flowers in your garden.
By simply dissolving a tablespoon of baking soda into water and using the mixture to water your plants, you will help them become healthier and fuller. Another tip that is going to turn out to be very useful in the kitchen is to use baking soda to ameliorate burns that you might get due to touching hot pans, the hot stove and so on.
Simply pour some baking soda into a bowl of ice water and soak a clean cloth in it. Then apply that to the burn until the burn no longer feels hot.
Ready to discover more great hacks using baking soda?

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