She Was Obese And Weighed 510 Pounds! She Had To Choose Between Food And Her Life! Guess What She Chose!

Brenda Flanagan-Davies, a woman aged 43, suffered from morbid obesity and had a weigh of, attention, not less than 510 pounds!

She was so greedy that she could not help to eat, consuming nearly 6,000 calories in one day. Because of the weight gained she could not move and was bedridden for almost 6 years.

At one time, doctors who monitored her health told her she is in mortal danger and she has to choose: food or life.

Brenda did not listen to the warning, which is why, ultimately, her heart failed to work. The story was made public by her husband who tried to pull a warning on obesity. “She died while eating 5 Big Mac’s, I was shocked!”


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