Millions Of People Cried When They Saw This Picture! What Did This Puppy Do At 8 °F Will Make You Cry Too!

This puppy will make you cry, for sure!
A puppy dog from Tinchuan, China has managed to thrill the whole world. Images with him went viral on the Internet and made millions cry. The dog sat all night on the middle of the street, together his dead friend. The animal had endured temperatures of -13 degrees Celsius (8 Fahrenheit) and nothing could move him from the puppy who died after being hit by a car. The locals even put a chair next to them to prevent a new car accident.

puppy dog

“It’s our chair. A woman with good heart placed it next to dogs to protect them from another accident.” Said someone. In the end, the employees of a restaurant in the area have made a wonderful gesture and took the dog’s body and buried him in a nearby park.


This is real love!

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