Guilty Dog Apologizes Crying Baby for Stealing Her Toy

Ever felt guilty for something you did? Of course you did! We’re all humans, and guilt is a natural human emotion. But maybe we’re not the only specie capable of feeling this. If the video below is any indication of the truth, our canine friends can experience this feeling as well
Dogs are no strangers to making mistakes and feeling guilty afterwards. Exhibit A: the cute little dog in the video below. The pup was hanging out with the family’s baby when a toy the baby was playing with caught his eye. Without thinking that it may upset the baby, the dog snatched the toy right from under his eyes. Of course, the baby started crying out loud immediately. But it’s the dog reaction that is wining the hearts of thousands of online viewers from all over the world.
Seeing how upset his gesture made the baby, the canine apologized with an adorably-guilty expression on his face.
This only makes me feel even closer to dogs in general, seeing how much we actually have in common. If you love dogs, then please take a second to share this adorable clip with all of your friends and family online.

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