Ex-detective claims he may know who really killed Teresa Halbach, and it’s scary!

2005 homicide of Teresa Halbach has been standing out as truly newsworthy once more after Netflix discharged the profoundly prominent “Making a Murderer” narrative miniseries. For some, the circumstances and even the offender of Halbach’s passing remain a puzzle, even after Steven Avery was indicted her homicide in 2007. Avery was sentenced to life in jail, ABC News reports.

In 1985, a then-twentysomething Steven Avery was wrongfully indicted in the assault of Penny Beerntsen. In 2003, he was discharged from jail after a DNA finding demonstrated his purity, as per The Independent. Two years after his discharge, Avery was again captured, this time as an associate in the homicide with Halbach. He argued not blameworthy. Despite the fact that confirmation for the case was rare, Avery was discovered liable by the court of law in 2007.

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