Bus driver sees suspicious couple in school lot, takes action when she spots gun in their hands

A Macon school bus driver has been deemed a hero after she helped prevent a possibly tragic situation at the school where she works.
It all started as a usual morning. Alice Bradley, a school bus driver in North Carolina, was getting ready to start her shift in the school’s parking lot, just like she always did. But then is when she noticed something that was out of the ordinary.
She saw a couple fighting in the parking lot, and when she took a closer look, she saw the make taking out a gun and pointing it at the woman with whom he was with.
Alice was shocked by the sight, but her instincts kicked in, and she knew it was up to her to do something. Instead of panicking like most people would, she managed to keep her calm and hit the gas pedal all the way down to the floor while driving towards the couple.
When the two were down, Alice called the police who arrived at the scene immediately. Apparently, the two were planning an attack on the school. It was Alice’s brave gesture that most likely saved a lot of people that day.
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