Boy’s devastated when he’s outbid for late father’s car. Then man in the hat hands him the keys

When you have a family member who is serving in the line of duty, you learn to live each day with a certain fear, a fear that the one you love might not come home to you. However, nothing can prepare for those terrible situations where your biggest fears turns into reality.
The young man named Tanner in the video below was devastated to get the news that his father, a police officer, lost his life after an intense police chase ended up bad. As a young man, Tanner relied on his father for support and guidance, so when he realized he will never be able to have a conversation with his dad, he felt like the world was coming to an end.
Him and his entire family were forced to dramatically change their lives to adopt to a reality that no longer included the head of the family. Slowly, Tanner started to pick up all the broken pieces of his soul and accept that life needs to go on.
But he couldn’t move on without doing something to ensure that the memory of his dad will never start to faint. So he decided to buy his dad’s former police car. He found out that the car was going to be sold at an action, so he needed to act fast.
But when he got there, he started to fear that his biggest dream couldn’t come true. But then something amazing happened.
Watch the video below to find out the whole story; it’s definitely worth it!

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