Amazing Things That Happen When You Use Vinegar in The Garden

Vinegar is definitely a kitchen essential that you can use as an ingredient in many different recipes from salads to soups. But did you ever considering using vinegar outside the kitchen? Well, according to experts, there are many great ways to use vinegar in the garden to help it look beautiful and be healthy.
With spring here, the garden is once again on the top of homeowner’s to-do list, and vinegar can surely come in handy when working at your garden.
For instance, you can use vinegar to keep ants and other small insects at bay. Vinegar will get those pesky ants marching for the hills, and all you have to do is spray a solution that contains vinegar all over the parts of your garden where ants typically like to hang out.
Another way to use vinegar is to revitalize and rejuvenate your plants. Add some vinegar into water and feed that mixture to your plants. It’s as simple as that!
The great thing about vinegar is that it’s also inexpensive, easy to find and easy to use! And any vinegar will work for most of the projects mentioned in the video below. So why not give it a try and possibly save hundreds of dollars on products that have a high price tag but do pretty much the same thing vinegar does?
This is The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, explaining how to use vinegar in your garden. And if you have some friends and family only who you think could use these tips as well, make sure to pass on the information.

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