Abused Dog Is Chained Outside Shivering in Cold for 4 Years

If you are an animal lover, then the mere thought of a dog suffering in the cold without defense is enough to make you feel outraged. However, the sad reality is that dog abuse is still a large problem all over the world, and according to statistics released by the Humane Society of the United States, nearly 1 million animals are abused or killed every year due to some type of domestic violence.
Diesel, the dog you will meet by watching the video below, experienced the cruelty of humans first hand. The dog spent more than four years fighting for its life every winter. The poor canine was chained so that he couldn’t escape, and his rescuers have reasons to believe that those to chained him were hoping for the dog to just die due to the cold.
But luckily, Animal Advocates, an animal rights group, found Diesel before it was too late and was able to offer him a new beginning and a second chance at a happy life.
The clip below does a good job telling Diesel’s story and the many challenges he had to overcome in order to live the life every dog deserves to live. Please share this!

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