4-Year-Old Knows Where “Babies Come From.” Has Daddy Rolling In Laughter

Where do babies come from? It’s a question that most children will ask their parents sooner or later; making them scratch their heads trying to figure out what is the appropriate way to answer. Well, the adorable little girl in the video below has “spared” her parents of this uncomfortable situation and instead of turning to an adult for an answer on how babies are made, she came up with one herself.
Despite being only four years old, the toddler has already formed a pretty strong opinion when it comes to how babies enter this world. So when her dad asked her to tell him where babies come from, the adorable little girl already had an answer prepared.
The words that came out of her mouth immediately mad dad burst into laughter, but don’t think his daughter was in any way offended by his reaction. If anything, she saw it as a great opportunity to have some fun alongside her favorite man in the world.
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