Young Army Veteran Is Pulled Over By Local Cop. Officer Walks Up And Points To Item On Dash

Anyone who has ever had a family member who served in the military and thus was exposed to life-threatening risks as part of their daily job knows that it’s no walk in the park. Not being able to talk to them, the constant worrying and having to celebrate important moments in life without them being there, as well as the imminent fear that something may go wrong; these are all hurdles that those who have family members serving in the army know way too well.
So whenever, they get to be reunited with their loved ones, it’s always like the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. It’s a moment filled with emotions that range from relief to pure exaltation.
Unfortunately, not everybody makes it home safely, and having to bury a loved who lost their life while fighting for their country is nothing short of a nightmare. William Jazwinski, a former Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator in the US army shared a story on his Facebook account that reminds us of the immense sacrifice those serving in the military, as well as their family, make in order to protect their country.
And it all started with a police officer pulling him over. Here’s what happened:

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