You Will Puke Instantly ! He Was Shocked When He Saw What Was in His Coffee ! “My Dear GOD!”

Ron Morais, a man from Canada, has ordered a coffee at a fast food restaurant in the area.
The man told the Daily Mail that he made ​​a habit of removing the plastic cover glass after the last sip. But this time he was shocked by what he found in the coffee he had just drunk, “God, it’s a mouse my cup of coffee!” Exclaimed customer shocked at the thought that he drank rodents flavored coffee.

mouse coffee
He felt instant nausea and dizziness. The idea that a dead mouse was repugnant ! “I felt a huge pain in the stomach,” said the unlucky customer. Restaurant representatives have issued a press release stating that the direction of public health and pest control agency found no evidence that the restaurant would be infested with mice or other rodents.

The investigation is, however, underway since the man has filed a criminal complaint against the restaurant chain.

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