Yorkshire Terrier Takes a High Dive for His Ball

Diesel the Yorkshire Terrier finds great joy in retrieving his ball from the pool, making it one of his favorite activities. His human proudly shares, “My Yorkie, Diesel, performs impressive high dives to retrieve his ball!” With admiration for his furry companion, Diesel’s human further comments, “Observe how he meticulously plans his dive to ensure a direct mouth-to-ball landing!”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Diesel’s remarkable high dive? Viewers are captivated by Diesel’s playtime, with one viewer expressing, “I adore Yorkies! They possess such a fearless and spirited nature!” Another viewer chimes in, “Now that’s legendary! These spirited Terriers are truly an incredible breed.”

Indeed, Yorkshire Terriers can exhibit remarkable bravery when the situation calls for it. Just like Scamp, a tiny terrier who once frightened away a burglar. Fortunately, Diesel doesn’t have to worry about such concerns. He can continue honing his diving technique without a care in the world!

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