Woman Reports On Wildfire, Sees A Pair of White Teeth in Flames and Knows She Can’t Just Leave

The cute, cuddling kittens in the video below were almost killed due to heat after being trapped inside a container for more than an hour. With wildfire spreading across a neighbor in Florida where the incident occurred, the temperatures outside exceeded 100 degrees, so every minute that passed by put the kittens in more danger of losing their lives.
The local Florida animal shelter whose employees made the story public said that a black car dropped the container off in their parking lot. At first, they just ignored it, but one of the staff members saw one of the little kittens’ heads trying to push the lid up in an obvious attempt to save themselves and get out.
As soon as they saw that, the shelter’s employees immediately rushed to the rescue and went into emergency mode to save the cats’ lives. They knew time was against them, and because they had no clue as to how much time the cats spent inside the container, they feared the worst.
Luckily, though, all kittens managed to survive and were placed in the care of a foster owner. Learn more about their incredible story by watching the video below.

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