Woman reluctantly approaches street performers, her next move is something no one expected

Generally speaking, musicians put a lot of time and effort into preparing a performance beforehand so that every sound that gets to the audience is perfect. But sometimes, the best performances are those that have a certain spontaneous quality to themselves. Not everything needs to be rehearsed to be flawless.
It’s certainly the case of the duet captured in the video below. Although these two singers have never seen each other prior to the day the clip was recorded, they sounded amazing together.
It all started after a street performer started singing a rendition of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” A woman watching from the side happened to like the song so much that she involuntary stood up, as she singing alongside the busker pretty loud.
But instead of feeling offended or anything like that, the street performer immediately noticed her enthusiasm and the fact that the young woman whom he never saw before also had a pretty amazing voice. So he ended up inviting her to sing the end of the song alongside him.
With the rest of the crowd cheering for her, the woman dared to step forward and share her amazing talent. This is what followed:

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