Woman Adopts Child That No One Wants. Nearly 3 Decades Later She Discovers Terrifying Truth

Adoption is not for everybody, but in the case of the woman in the video below, adopting her son Jordan was not only a blessing but also something that ended up saving her life in a way she never expected.
You see, thirty years after adopting her son, the woman was diagnosed with a painful kidney disease that threatened her life. And when her son found out that she was in danger of losing her life, he immediately began looking for a solution.
And as it turned out, he was the solution. After doctors performed the necessary tests, it was revealed that Jordan and his adoptive mom were compatible, which meant Jordan could become an organ donor.
As soon as he got the news, Jordan knew what he had to do. Without giving it a second thought, Jordan decided to donate one of his kidneys to the woman who has been his mom for as long as he can remember.
The transplant was a success, and the woman is expected to make a full recovery, all thanks to her son.
This is definitely the kind of story you’ll want to share with all of your family and friends.

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