Unbelievable! A Man Auctioned Himself On E-Bay To Raise Money For Christmas.Find Out How Much Money He Got! “I Did Not Expect It”

This unemployed 36-year-old man found an unique way to raise money for the holidays.

Dave Robinson auctioned himself on eBay, hoping he will be able to receive enough money to buy Christmas presents for his two daughters, aged 1 and 11 years. The man lost his job three months ago and applied since then to more than 1,000 jobs, but without receiving a positive response.This made him try selling himself on eBay.

Unfortunately for him, not too many “buyers” were interested in what the man had to offer.The auction for the unemployed man did not go up more than 15 $. “I am very disappointed, I did not expected this amount”, said the man.


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