An Ultrasound Photo Is Enough To Send Grandpa To Another World – OMG!

Announcing a pregnancy to family and friends is definitely an exciting and emotional experience. The ones who tend to get the most emotional when they hear this type of news are usually the grandfathers. The thought of having a grandchild is a thought that overwhelmes most people with joy and love. It’s a beautiful event that only brings all other family members closer together.
Now, most future grandfathers get excited and maybe even shed a tear or two when finding out a baby will enter the family soon enough, but the man in the video below takes things to a whole new level.
His daughter flew in to surprise him with the big news, and the man never saw it coming. The soon-to-be mom chose to break the news with an ultrasound. She put the ultrasound in an envelope and handed it to her father.
The man initially thought the envelope contained a birthday card, but when he looked inside and realized what was really going on he was blown away! His reaction when he sees the ultrasound is just too good for words to fully describe, so I’m going to let you enjoy the video now.

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