Traffic Inspector Finds Abandoned Piano. In A Matter Of Seconds Makes Move Going Viral

An abandoned wooden piano left on the side of the street may seem like garbage to some, but in the case of the traffic warden in the video below, it was an opportunity to showcase his incredible talent and fill the area with beautiful music.
The man was patrolling the street when he suddenly came across the beautiful piano just sitting there. Without knowing the exact condition the piano was in and whether it could be used to play on it or not, the man decided to at least give it a shot. Being the piano enthusiast that he is, he just couldn’t resist playing it.
What happened after is going viral. Without having rehearsed or having planned any of this, the traffic warden managed to play a big chunk of a famous, upbeat song on the abandoned piano. Although there were few people around who could enjoy his performance live, the man still had the time of his life playing the piano in the middle of the street.
Little did he know that his performance will actually reach a much bigger audience online via video. Take a look and don’t forget to share this with all of your friends and family online.

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